ArnicaT (Arnika Sjelo)

A truly different model for shoots, videos and events

Enjoy my samples


Here you find samples of shoots I did with various photographers or at events.



I am not a lot into videos, yet. But have a look at the video of the Sky Lounge Clubbing below and join me at 1:40 for three seconds of final walk as the bride :)

Or you enjoy some of the other samples which were privately taken just for fun.


Well, I am different from a typical female model and that is also true for my measures:

191cm/6.27ft tall (on heels usually easily well above 205cm/6.73ft), chest is at 118cm/3.87ft, breast size is at "F/DDD", waist size is around 85cm/2,79ft and hips are at 115cm/3.78ft.

I am quite flexible with my hair color and  style and have a range of blonde to bronze, in short, long, curly, non-curly ... you decide what fits best.