ArnicaT (Arnika Sjelo)

A truly different model for shoots, videos and events

Welcome to my modelpage

Welcome to my private modelpage,
My name is Arnika Sjelo, I am a transgender model for shoots, videos or events. If you look for something classical ... you probably don`t want to be here. If you look for something special, or a really cool DJane - you are right.

Being 191cm/6.27ft tall, with heels easily well above 205cm/6.73ft, attention is guaranteed for what you want to show. I feel especially well in crazy outfits, at special locations, on stage and behind the turn-tables. I am certainly not in for all jobs, but if we have a deal, you can be sure that I am running the job with full passion and professionalism to your full satisfaction.

I am based in the really beautiful City of Graz, Austria, and totally happy and used to traveling internationally.

Enjoy my site and ping me if you feel it fits. I am looking forward to it!

(Arnika Sjelo)